Tele/Data.. We're Giving Data A Voice..

What We Do

Tele/Data Communications develops, implements, and maintains cost effective voice and data communication solutions.   Unlike many of our competitors who are focused on selling hardware, software and professional services; Tele/Data remains product agnostic. We stay focused on building voice and data applications that drive measurable business results for our clients:

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Enable real-time application changes and activations

  • Reduce operational expenses

  • Leverage progressive technology

  • Preservation of existing voice and data expenditures where applicable

How We Do It

We get to know our clients and develop a complete understanding of what drives their business. We listen and learn. Our consultative approach begins with an initial evaluation and assessment of existing voice & data investments, critical business processes and reporting. Our team will make immediate recommendations for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer interactions. Our proven approach includes:

  • Ongoing consultation leading to timely implementation of new automation approaches and best practices

  • Optimal use of technologies

  • Flexible system integration to leverage any application, system or hardware

Why We're Different

Simple - When the founders of Tele/Data Communications began offering their services to the public in 1994, they made it their mission to build long lasting relationships.   With that philosophy in mind, we believe our "hands on" team approach is unparalleled when it comes to insuring that you, our valuable client, receive the proper equipment and solutions to meet or exceed your expectations.  

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