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What is CaaS?

Communications-as-a-Service is an outsourcing model for enterprise communications.  Such communications can include voice over IP, instant messaging, collaboration and video conference applications using fixed and mobile devices.  The CaaS vendor is responsible for all hardware and software management and offers guaranteed Quality of Service. CaaS allows businesses to selectively deploy communications devices and modes on a pay-as-you-go, as-needed basis.*

Why CaaS?

  • Eliminates the large capital investment and ongoing overhead for a system whose capacity may often exceed or fall short of current demand.
  • Offers flexibility and expandability that small and medium-sized businesses might not otherwise afford
  • Allows for the addition of devices, modes or coverage on demand
  • Network capacity and feature set can be changed from day to day if necessary
  • Functionality keeps pace with demand and resources are not wasted
  • No risk of the system becoming obsolete and requiring periodic major upgrades or replacement

Why CaaS with Tele/Data Communications?

Businesses today are constantly searching for effective ways to improve their communications infrastructure, reduce spend and also minimize their carbon footprint. With a CaaS solution provided by Tele/Data not only will you realize those goals but you will also receive many more tangible benefits, that are as always completely carrier and product agnostic.

  • Integrates with a New or Existing MPLS Network
  • Properly Allocates trunks with dial tone paths that are shared through the entire enterprise
  • Allocation of burstable trunks that exceed the enterprises shared trunk pool at no additional expense
  • No head end equipment or "beef" up required
  • Integrates with existing legacy telecommunications systems
  • Converges voice onto a fully managed Wide Area Network
  • Provides Unified Communications functionality
  • Features and Services are available on-demand based on business requirement
  • Administrative Web based Portal
  • Integration and management of not only the MPLS but also PSTN
  • Fully Managed system down to the desktop devices
  • Imbedded Disaster Recovery - Business Continuity Solution
  • Integration of Managed Fixed Data Wireless Solution
  • One bill for all strategic alliance solutions
  • One point of contact for all solutions

To learn more about the customizable solutions Tele/Data Communications has to offer, please access one of the links on this page or simply contact us at 812.853.2100 or email us at

*(some information from Gartner Group, 2008)

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