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Hosted PBX

Why Choose a Tele/Data Hosted Solution?

While every organization is different, there are quite a few similarities in the advantages to moving their communications platform from On-site to a Hosted Solution

Pay monthly and leave most of the complexity to Tele/Data as your service provider

  • Eliminate the yearly budget battles that ensue when your on-site equipment needs to be upgraded or repaired
  • A fixed cost for your communications platform, without costly upgrades

Receive the power of an on-site infrastructure with a fraction of the hassle and IT overhead

  • Don’t want to give up full control to a hosted solution? Tele/Data will create a deployment model to fit your business needs.  You control of the functionality and features 
  • Retain the ability to keep all call traffic on your network instead of sending it thousands of miles away to a data center
  • All maintenance, support and service become Tele/Data’s responsibility, therefore eliminating additional IT and Telecom Maintenance Agreements, because the equipment and applications are no longer on-site

Less Waste

  • Further enhances your companies green initiative
  • Reduces the amount of metal and hazardous electronic components in landfills
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Unified Messaging and Auto-Attendant Functionality across your entire platform

Advanced functionality such as Call Recording, Supervisory Monitoring and 100+ PBX Features

Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery

Flexible control and ownership of your communications

  • Realize the benefits of having someone else manage, maintain, and update the core communications servers while keeping the voice traffic within the security of your building.

Incorporate mobile workers, stay-at-home agents, and remote sites

  • Enjoy the freedom and cost effectiveness of virtual offices. Your employees can use your full communications platform in one common corporate building or working remotely from different locations.

Your system, configured to your specifications, control your own IVR and call flows

  • Simple tasks like Moves, Adds, and Changes of phones and users or more robust tasks like building or changing an IVR or Auto-Attendant script can all be accomplished remotely, either by Tele/Data or your staff.  It’s your choice.

Minimize capital expenditures and operating expenses

  • All the typical costs associated with acquiring, installing, maintaining, and upgrading an on-site system are virtually eliminated

Scalability – Increase or decrease your platform depending on your seasonal demands

  • Why keep money tied up in assets sitting in a server room and only get used occasionally? Or pay for services year round that are only needed during the holidays or for specific events?  Tele/Data can offer “burstablity” to your communications platform when you need it and under your control.

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