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System Support and Maintenance

Tele/Data Communications offers a unique alternative to the typical maintenance agreement.  Our service model is built upon - One Call. One Solution. Period.  Our core resolve is to provide our clients with unprecedented customer service and responsiveness.  We ensure the right solution customized to meet each clients needs and price points.      

Our team can support all of your telephone system products, regardless of the variety of legacy telephony equipment.  Customers are assigned a dedicated account manager as their single point of contact.  Our team does not subscribe to the “tiered” levels of support, when you call Tele/Data; you get the support you need, when and how you need it.  

Our nationwide footprint and strategic alliances allow us the confidence to ensure immediate response to your telecom service needs.  We guarantee quality service, performed by a quality staff during first response.    

Billing is simplified and customized, so that your systems can all be brought under a single telecom maintenance agreement. 

Tele/Data’s System Support and Maintenance provides a full suite of custom services:

  • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring
  • Custom alarm notification
  • 24/7/365 access to our helpdesk with technical support
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Complete system audit and Maximum Uptime Analysis
  • Customized system documentation for all of your sites
  • Annual on-site preventive maintenance
  • Complete “crash kits” strategically warehoused to accommodate immediate service to eliminate down system time
  • Telco troubleshooting and coordination, we remove the headache of matching telco lines to telco ownership
  • On-site and remote training
  • Support of legacy systems with no “end of life” clauses
  • Remote and On-Site Moves/Adds/Changes
  • SLA's for both service and MAC activity
  • Web Based Ticketing and Resolution
  • Real time and historical data access
  • Complete parts and labor warranty

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