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Changing the mobility equation

It’s a mobile workplace where corridor rovers, urban nomads, global road warriors and teleworkers all have different communications needs. Businesses are struggling to find the right solutions and to manage ballooning mobile expenses.

Mitel® Communications Director call control software turns what may be a company’s biggest IT expense into their biggest asset – mobility. This powerful software, with the embedded Mitel Dynamic Extension solution, runs on the Mitel 3300 Communications Platform (ICP) or industry standard Sun, HP and IBM® servers, and works with any mobile or fixed device, over any network, with any carrier.

Going mobile with Mitel empowers customers with choices and the flexibility to ensure all employees have the mobility solutions they need to remain connected and productive. Whether it’s a teleworking solution for home-based workers, or Unified Communicator® (UC) Advanced with presence and audio & web conferencing capabilities on a laptop or remote desktop, Mitel mobility solutions ensure simple, low cost access from anywhere.


  • hot desk to any device, even those external to the corporate network
  • dial and receive calls from your office extension no matter where you are
  • connect to any network, even third-party legacy networks
  • twin to any number, device and network, including up to 8 numbers associated with your extension
  • stay in real-time on any device, anywhere in the world

Cost Savings

  • keep your existing legacy architecture (no rip and replace)
  • reduce roaming charges by pushing calls to other devices without interrupting the conversation
  • route all employee business calls through the corporate network
  • use any brand and type of mobile phone without additional client software or hardware


  • switch devices, networks, or communication methods with just one button
  • view all mobile call activity in a single location
  • maintain one voice mail box for up to eight devices
  • be mobile and enjoy the same features and applications as in the office
  • have a single identity that is easy to manage and control

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