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Customized MOH Service

Music on hold can be your businesses most cost effective value added solution. Music on hold adds highly sought after credibility and professionalism to any business, especially to home based and small businesses. In fact, music on hold can have a dramatic effect on a customer's perception of a business. No matter what type of music and/or message you wish to share with your clients, music on hold will change a potential negative of being placed on hold into a much more positive experience. Most people perceive their time placed on hold to be longer if they do not have music playing in their ear. Silence is not golden when being placed on hold.

There is a wide range of options and price points to meet any businesses requirements. For as little as $150 a small business can begin entertaining their captive audience with a customized music on hold solution that not only offers personalized music selections but that is also fully customizable to help up sell any product offering or solution you may choose.

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