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Small to Medium Business

Tele/Data Communications of Indiana understands the unique and individual requirements of small business. As a small business ourselves, we realize the enormous challenges that all small businesses face to ensure they are receiving the most benefit from their technology infrastructure while keeping their spend to a minimum. The task of simply researching all of the available products and solutions can be very daunting. What happens if you choose a solution only to find a short time after purchase that a more flexible, robust and cost effective solution is now available? What do you do when your pockets are not deep, but your needs are? Simple, just call Tele/Data and we will customize a solution to best fit your requirements. Whether it is a solution that involves maintaining your existing equipment, replacing your equipment with a more functional system, replacing your existing telephone system with a hosted solution, or a solution that enables you to integrate all of your voice and data solutions into one highly functional "green" vmware server based solution, Tele/Data can help. Call any one of our highly skilled staff at 812.853.2100 or email us at for more information.


One of the most cost effective telephone systems for the small business environment is the Mitel 3000 Communications System

Ideal for restaurants, retail, and convenience stores, and professional business services such as law firms, insurance agencies, small healthcare facilities and more, the IP-centric Mitel 3000 Communications System (CS) provides big business communications capabilities for small businesses and residences. Features such as conferencing, centralized voicemail, and an automated attendant for greeting and routing incoming calls make communications more efficient and free you and your employees to focus on your core business.


This modular system is easily expanded to accommodate up to 52 employees and multiple devices, including credit card terminals and fax machines. It can also be expanded to support secure voice communications over the Internet to substantially reduce your long distance charges and streamline communications.


Key Product Features

  • Full-Featured Voice Communications: from centralized voicemail, account codes and speed dial, to advanced features such as an automated attendant and unified communications.
  • Pay As You Grow: simple, cost-effective add-on modules allow you to add phone lines and extensions as your business grows.
  • Add Functionality: add-on modules are available for centralized voicemail, shared broadband access, and secure voice and data communications over the Internet¹.
  • Ease-of Use: solution boasts powerful full feature speaker phones, equipped with a large intuitive display providing the most relevant options, right at your fingertips.

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